If you want to ensure that your air conditioning and heating systems will work properly and efficiently all year round, call 1st Response AC and Heating today. We offer an annual service agreement to our customers that includes two maintenance visits – one in the spring to check your air conditioning and one in the fall to check your heating – and 10% off all of our repair services throughout the year. Our customers who sign service agreements also receive first priority on all service calls throughout the year.

They say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that couldn’t be more true when it comes to air conditioning and heating systems. If you don’t maintain your system, your filters will get clogged, and you will be subject to a plethora of problems. When a single component fails or is weakened, if the whole system doesn’t fail immediately, other components are likely to wear out faster and work at an impaired capacity, until the system does, eventually fail.

Unmaintained systems almost always fail at the height of the season, either on one of the hottest days of summer or one of the coldest days of winter. You might think that this is just bad luck, but it has a pretty simple, physical cause. When your system is improperly maintained or hasn’t been maintained at all, it will be weakened.

On those very hot or very cold days, it will be working as hard as it can to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, office, or warehouse. When a weakened system is called upon to work extra hard, it is bound to fail. Wouldn’t it be better to call 1st Response AC and Heating for maintenance before a failure occurs? We can diagnose and fix problems like leaking ducts, weak capacitors, low refrigerant, etc., before they become big problems later in the season.

Let 1st Response AC and Heating keep your systems maintained, and you’ll be comfortable all year round.